Sending The Resistance to US Troops in Afghanistan

So, when I returned home from GenCon, I returned with a little game called The Resistance. The Resistance is a game that we quickly fell in love with in our office (and you can read my full review of it here).

We played this game dozens of times each day any time that we could - lunch breaks, after work, etc. One day as we were thinking about when we should play next, my boss (who was previously in the military) mentioned that this was a game that he would have loved to play while he was deployed. Immediately, a plan developed. Using some of his contacts in the military, we have been placed in contact with deployed troops in Afghanistan to whom we can send games. Using my contacts in the board game industry, I managed to negotiate (beg) a special rate for buying The Resistance in bulk from the generous people at Indie Boards & Cards.  Our goal is to buy them by the 24 game case!

What's left? Funding! Without help, our office will hopefully be able to send an entire case of The Resistance to US troops deployed in Afghanistan. With your help, we can hopefully make this much higher! So that I am not doing this forever, however, I am also setting an end date. With this month being the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, and thus the fact that the US has had troops in Afghanistan for 10 years, I figure that this is a good month to raise funds. Therefore, donations will be accepted until the end of the month, and I will send as many copies as I can on October 1, 2011.

Do you want to help? If so, you can donate to help the cause on PayPal. All you have to do is go to PayPal and donate money to the email address we have set up:



  1. Just a thought.... could this be a Kickstarter project (or something like it)... a lot more exposure and support!

  2. That's actually a great idea. I hadn't even thought of using Kickstarter for that. Unfortunately, I'm not ready to drive something quite that big right now, and we're under a bit of a time crunch as we would really like to have the first case ready in the next week or so. However, if you know of anyone that would be willing to run it on Kickstarter later, I'd be willing to help them however I could!