RIP Hurley's Heroes Giveaway #1 Winners

So, first of all, thank you to all of you for entering my giveaway!  I hope that even if you don't win, you enjoy my reviews and that you are glad to have discovered my site.  Now for the numbers... We had 216 Facebook entries, 58 Blogger Follower entries, and 30 Entries by adding a link - for 304 total entries!  So, as promised, two winners!

The first winner is:  Blogger Follower "Korey".  Korey, please post a comment on this blog (which will not be published, I'll be the only one to see it) with your email address so that I can verify that I'm sending it to the correct person, and so that you can tell me which game you want and where to send it to.

The second winner is: Facebook Fan Bill Fogarty.  Bill, please leave your email address as a comment as well (again, this will not be published), and then I will have you confirm your identity on Facebook to ensure that I am contacting the right person.  You will have your choice of any of the games that Korey did not select.

Thanks again to all who entered, and please keep reading the site for more Board Game Reviews (by Josh)!


  1. Oh, and in case anyone was curious of how I picked the winners, I used, listed the Facebook followers, the Blogger followers, and then the people who linked to me (twice). Random picked number 216 and then 97. Again, congrats to Korey and Bill!

  2. Thanks Josh for hosting this contest. :)