Lunch Money Review

For a less complicated little card game, I will do a review of Lunch Money.

In Lunch Money, each player takes on the role of a student at a generic school, and they are fighting each other for their lunch money (hence the name). Each player starts with a certain amount of life, and from there all of the players attack each other trying to knock each other out. You can use punches, kicks, weapons, special attacks, etc., as well as being able to block, dodge, disarm, heal, and the ultimate - humiliate your opponent.

One thing in its favor it that the game system of Lunch Money works very well - though it can be argued that the Humiliate card is a bit too overpowered.  Another positive is that the game is small and easy to carry around, but also very enjoyable and so it is a good choice when you have a little bit of extra time. Please realize that the game is not especially complicated, and so don't go into it looking for an in-depth strategy game. However, if you look at the game as an excuse to be able to trash talk all of your friends, you will have a great time with the game!  (You've got to love a game that causes you to regularly tell your one of your friends "I'll pimp slap you.")

Overall, I give Lunch Money an 8.0/10. I really enjoy this game, though some of the material on the cards (specifically Humiliation) can be offensive (and quickly fixed with a sharpie). Also, if you are looking for a quicker game, you can remove the number of "First Aids" from the deck (these are the cards that let you heal - the game normally has 8 in the deck, and I normally play it with 2), and this will cause the damage you do to your opponents to stick a little bit better.

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