Our $30 to GameSurplus Contest is over!!! Thank you everyone for entering!!!

This entry was for a contest that was run from Monday, June 9 through Sunday, June 15, and is now over.

Congratulations to our winner, Jordan!!! He has been contacted by email.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and shared, and tweeted!!!

That's right - Board Game Reviews by Josh is having a contest! The prize is for a delicious $30 (digital code) to spend at my personal favorite online retailer, GameSurplus.

The wonderful people over at GameSurplus stocks all kinds of great games, but what makes GameSurplus so special is that they go out of their way to stock things that have been released - but don't have US distribution. Recently, they have had great titles like Luna, Istanbul, Notre Dame, The Palaces of Carrara, and Taluva in stock.

But what makes the shopping experience really special at GameSurplus is the people. They offer exemplary customer service - I have never been disappointed with a purchase from them. Even when my apartment building and UPS were having issues, they took time to go out of their way to call UPS and get the situation straightened out for me.

This contest is going to run for 1 week (from Monday, June 9, 2014 until Sunday, June 15 at 11:59 PM EST).

In order to enter you must leave a comment on this post answering a few questions I have for you! Details are below! =)

Good luck, and thanks for reading Board Game Reviews by Josh!

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  1. Hope I win! (love your reviews BTW)

  2. Oh, sorry, didn't click the down arrow and see the details of how I need to comment. So here goes:

    - I would like to see King of New York in stock when it comes out

    - The thing I like about your reviews the most (aside from the great detail on gameplay), is how you describe who the game is for - beginners/gateway, next step, etc.

    - I don't really wish anything was different about your reviews

    - I hope you review Marvel Dice Masters (once they are back in stock :-)

    Thanks again and sorry for the double post...

  3. I would like Game Surplus to stock Black Fleet.

  4. I haven't had a chance to do there yet, but I'll check it out. Thanks for the contest!

  5. An upcoming or recently released game you hope is reviewed: Rampage! It's a super fun dexterity game, but I'd like to see your take on it.

  6. Erm... I also was too eager and didn't see the fine print. :-) I'd like to see Jim review Basari: Das Kartenspiel, which I've been very interested in.

  7. I'd like to see Dead of Winter stocked (when it gets released if it isn't already). Thanks for this contest. I've never used that site before, but I'm always looking to find new good board game sites.

  8. Q1) I'm pretty interested in Panamax and Castles of Mag King Ludwig, so those would be cool.

    Q2) I like Jim's perspective in his reviews. Keeping it critical but light.

    Q3) It might be nice to see a throw back to maybe sum up how he feels about some of the games a year later, just to see if they stood the test of time and the weight of all the other games.

    Q4) Any reviews are good.

  9. I always love to see more takes on Caverna! It's currently one of my favorite games alongside Le Havre, however I'm worried that it may get samey at some point.

    That being said, as long as I make it a point to try something new each time I play, or at least a little bit new, I think those worries may go away! I'm also certain there will be expansions!

  10. Fleet Captains: Dominion
    I like the post-rules section. I can read the rules on my own. I like getting an opinion on the gameplay.
    I would like it if clicking on the photos showed them in high-res.
    Please review City Hall. (disclaimer: I'm the designer.)

    1. Michael - Don't worry, I've already asked for a copy of City Hall to review. ;) It won't be Jim, but hopefully you'll be ok with an old reviewer taking that one.

  11. To answer your questions:
    King's Forge is a Kickstarter game that I backed (hasn't shipped yet) that I hope really hits a cord with gamers. If it is even half as fun as I hope it is, it will be a great one.

    I like your reviews because they hit the features that let me know if it is the type of game I will actually enjoy playing. You explain the mechanics in a way that I know by the end of the review if it will be a good fit for me or not.

    The bad: you ramble. But then again it's in your header so I knew what I was getting into.

    I'm honestly at a point where I haven't seen a lot that has gotten my blood boiling so I'm looking forward to see what goodies you post about.

  12. Great to find another gaming source, thanks for pointing it out! And of course, running the contest. :)

  13. I game I recently saw that looks good but would like a review and if good added to game supply is Dragon's hoard.

    I like that you put if you like this game you might like this one as well.

    Thanks for writing this, I really don't think that my site would be very well rounded if I never wrote that I disliked a game. with so many games out there you need a way of filtering them. a bad review does mean that it no one will like it or that i will never play it. for me it just means there are other out there that are better and will take me longer to get around and play it.

  14. Thanks for running the contest, here are my comments!!

    1) Would love to see THE AGENTS stocked once it comes out.

    2) I like the final evaluation about whether the game was actually fun or not, helped me make a decision about Sail to India.

    3) Nothing, really dig em!

    4) Hmmm, so many to choose from, maybe King of New York?

  15. I'd love to see Helios and Istanbul on Games Surplus.

    I like the consistent uproot of reviews but I'd like to see some higher quality photos.

    I'd like to see a review of the X Files game when that's released.

  16. An upcoming or recently released game you would like to see stocked at Game Surplus:
    - Caverna is somewhat recent. Looks interesting, and although it is technically listed, it's not stocked - so yes, I'd like that stocked.

    Something you like about Jim's reviews:
    - Jim sounds so much like Josh - in a good way! - that I forget Josh is on hiatus. It's familiar, and I like that.

    Something you wish was different about Jim's reviews:
    - Links to the game home page or boardgamegeek page could be a good timesaver for your readers

    An upcoming or recently released game you hope Jim reviews:
    - Caverna!

  17. Hey man, I really hope the giveaway event goes smoothly! I'll have to give this retailer a look since you speak so highly of them. Any thought to livestreaming the end of the giveaway?

  18. I would like Game Surplus to carry Pictomania.

    I like that Jim gives recommendations for other games in the reviews.

    I would like to see Jim summarize the pros and cons of the game in the reviews.

    I hope to see a review of Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games soon.

  19. Thor once basically held an OOP game for me for much longer than I deserved. He checked back in with me and sent it along. Awesome!

  20. I like Jim's concise rule descriptions. I don't need a rewrite of the rulebook, but to have enough flavor of game play in order to understand an opinion. A few pictures go a long way to helping cement how things would work.

    Game to review now Jim? Go retro - walk through the 5 games that brought you to where you are now. Something more recent? Concordia - does it have legs beyond the next 9 months?

  21. I'd love to see Citrus stocked at Game Surplus - I can't wait to get my hands on it!

    I love all the photos that go along with the reviews - it really helps visualize the things that Jim's talking about in the written sections.

    My only criticism would be that sometimes the reviews are a little rules-explanation heavy. I'm more interested in how the game plays - I can look at the rule book for details.

    I'd definitely like to see Citrus reviewed. I know, stuck record and all that, but it's my most wanted game at the moment!

  22. i'd like to see them Dice Masters reviewed. im hearing all sorts of amazing things, but the hype train is a fickle thing.

  23. Definitely review Caverna! I don't know what it is about farming, I just want to do it!

  24. As some other commentors have mentioned, I would like to see Marvel Dice Masters in stock at Gamesurplus - as well as have James review it!

    I really enjoy James' reviews - clear, concise. Nothing really that I would change on them!

  25. 1) Definitely Seafall by Rob Daviau
    2) I like how clear the reviews are and the use of pictures, definitely helpful
    3) Nothing different, keep up the great reviews!
    4) Seafall (when it eventually comes out)

  26. 1) Helios.

    2) Honestly, I am new to this site (I found it through a post by Jamey Stegmair on his blog). However, the amount of games and the quality I have witnessed from the site is astounding. I look forward to going through the reviews.

    3) I am too new to this site to comment. Maybe a more engaging background picture?

    4) I would like to see a review of Glen Moore. ( I know it's not new but I would like to see what you have to say).

  27. 1) Star Realms
    2) I like the simple, clear photos that provide excellent context as the review goes on. I also like the rating system and its description. And finally, I like the length. Not too long!
    3) I'd love a bold summary call-out space where you can see things at a glance (and decide if you'd like to read the full review for more information.
    4) I hope Jim reviews Panamax. His take would be useful in helping me make up my mind when it arrives, as it looks pretty neat.

  28. The Castles of Mad King Ludwig will probably be widely available once it's released, and I'd love to get it from an indy company.

    Trick question? The reviewer's name is Josh, in my experience. Unless Jim is his secret identity...

    I really like that you recommend other games I might enjoy if I enjoy a particular game or mechanic. That sets my nerdmind aflame with new ideas!

    I'd love to see you review Marrying Mr. Darcy, because it's an indy game, and it's outside of your comfort zone, which is sometimes good for us.

    1. Thanks for your comments!

      Starting around mid-February, I (Jim) have been writing the majority of the reviews for the site. Josh has taken a step back as he described in this post - [http://www.boardgamereviewsbyjosh.com/2014/02/a-changing-of-seasons.html]

  29. Fun contest! To the questions:

    An upcoming or recently released game you would like to see stocked at Game Surplus.
    ➡SeaFall. Not out yet, sounds amazing, hopefully we will see some prototype reviews, soon! Also Burning Suns (recent Kick starter) and any forthcoming 4X.

    Something you like about Jim's reviews
    ➡Details and depth, really helps to get a feel for the game in review, but without going through every rule. Great stuff!

    Something you wish was different about Jim's reviews
    ➡Player count and an "estimated" (and possibly highly subjective) length of game time would be great! Praetor, for example, the market and being possibly an issue with AP. Is that 30 seconds of AP, or is that spending several minutes calculating your move type of AP?

    An upcoming or recently released game you hope Jim reviews.
    ➡The aforementioned SeaFall. Burning Suns. Any other new/upcoming 4X style game.


  30. Great giveaway!!!

    An upcoming or recently released game you would like to see stocked at Game Surplus.
    -Any of the popular KS games. I would love to see them all get a chance a great exposure.

    Something you like about Jim's reviews
    -The list of pros and cons

    Something you wish was different about Jim's reviews
    -Need more images

    An upcoming or recently released game you hope Jim reviews.
    -Bullfrogs (KS game)

  31. thanks for the giveaway, like your site

  32. 1. Xia
    2. I like the effort to keep them short and concise
    3. As for all reviews I wish there was a way to make them informative but shorter.
    4. Bunnies vs. Zombies

  33. 1. Fantasy Frontier

    2. Helpful when looking for a new game.

    3. Maybe a little bit longer in detail.

    4. Fantasy Frontier

  34. As with others, I would love to see Seafall here

    I just discovered the reviews through this give away so... They seem well thought out and supported by images.

    No comments on things that should be different as I haven't read enough.

    Again, I'd like to see Seafall reviewed.

    Thanks for the contest!

  35. I would love to get my hands on Friese's Landlord.

    As for your reviews, I haven't read a lot but for the ones I've looked at, I like that the pictures are sharp and that there aren't too many. I also like that the review isn't too long.

    I would love to see a review of XenoShyft Onslaught when it comes out.

  36. 1. Alien Frontiers Astroid belt

    2. witty humor

    3. perhaps guest writers?

    4. Seafall

  37. I really want to see Scoville on GameSurplus!

    I like that the reviews read quickly, but are informative.

    I'd like to see something beyond reviews, maybe more into the philosophy of game design, or getting groups together.

    I'm interested in seeing a review of Burgoo. I passed on Kickstarting it, but I'm still curious about it.

  38. 1) Would love to see Marvel Dice Masters in Stock

    2) I like Jim's Top Ten Lists, like the Lunch time and 2 player lists. More top 10's would be great!

    3) More clear score for the games and way to sort bye score

    4) Would love to see a review for Dead of Winter!

  39. 1. Would like to see Spurs in stock.
    2. Love the two player lists!
    3. Links from game title to BBG would be cool.
    4. Would love to see a review of Concept.

  40. An upcoming or recently released game you would like to see stocked at Game Surplus. - Machi Koro

    Something you like about Jim's reviews - They are written instead of video.

    Something you wish was different about Jim's reviews - a little shorter, more concise, and categorized into sections with formatting.

    An upcoming or recently released game you hope Jim reviews. -
    Machi Koro

  41. An upcoming or recently released game you would like to see stocked at Game Surplus: I hope Russian Railroads becomes available again.

    Something you like about Jim's reviews and Something you wish was different about Jim's reviews: Just discovering the site and started reading reviews. They seem to be well balanced in the ones that I have read so far.

    An upcoming or recently released game you hope Jim reviews: Dead of Winter

    Thanks for contest and a new site for me to get reviews from.

  42. An upcoming see stocked --- Assault on Doomrock
    Didn't realize Jim did reviews.. until now.... I guess I will be doing some catching up!
    I hope Jim can review the CoolMiniOrNot game XenoShyft Onslaught

  43. 1. Tales of the Arabian Knights or Caverna
    2. I like that the reviews are short and to the point.
    3. On the other hand, some of the reviews are so short that they don't cover the mechanics of the game too well. Some are better than others in this regard.
    4. How about a review of Spyrium? I've been looking at it the last few days.