Mars Needs Mechanics for iPhone App Giveaway!!

I was a little late to the game, and I let my account go silent for a long while, but I LOVE Twitter. I like the bite sized updates, and the really conversational nature of the platform. But I want to be involved in more conversations, with more people.

That's where today's contest comes in!

As you may or may not know, the venerable Josh, of Board Game Reviews by Josh fame (I know him!) has completed and submitted an iOS port of the very fun Mars Needs Mechanics from Nevermore Games!! I have been one of a few who were testing the app for him the past few weeks, and I think he has done a really great job bringing this game to iOS. Find the game on the App Store here! 

Josh, being the generous guy he is, has offered me SEVEN promo codes for the app to give away on the site. How do you win one? Simple!

Just follow me on Twitter!  

That's it! Every day, for the next week, I will give away a code to download the newly released game for FREE!!

Of course, a blog contest wouldn't be complete without the chance for extra entries, so here's how you get yours - after following me on Twitter, tweet something to me about board games with the hashtag #bgrbj. It could be your favorite games, designers you love, mechanisms you enjoy - anything! Like I said, I want to have a more conversations with more people on Twitter - whats more fun to talk about than board games??

What you are waiting for? Get Tweeting - the contest starts NOW and ends next Friday!!

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