One Million Pageviews Giveaway

So, according to Blogger, I am about to pass one million pageviews, since the start of my site!  Now, I don't actually trust their accuracy at all, but I still think that it's a really cool milestone.  And so I wanted to celebrate!

Additionally, I've realized that I have entirely neglected people that are fans of Google Plus.  Whereas I have a decent number of people that follow me on Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus has really been an afterthought.  And I want to change that!  So, what better way to try to grow my presence than with a giveaway?

So, here's how it works.  In order to enter, you have to follow me on Google Plus (there is a button on the side of the page that lets you do this easily).  You may be asking yourself, "But, what are you even giving away?"  Well, that is yet to be determined!  How this is going to work is that you can enter to win any game that I have reviewed!  (Here's a convenient link to see an alphabetical listing of my reviews.)  Simply select the game(s) that you want a chance to win, and +1 the corresponding review.  *Poof!*  You're entered to win that game.  So, obviously, if you +1 a lot of my reviews, then you have a much better chance of winning, but you are also less likely to win the specific game that you want.

But, but, but... does that mean you are giving away a copy of every game that you have reviewed???  No!  If I did that, then I would go broke!  Instead, I will go through and select one of the games that received the most +1's, and that will be the one that I will give away - after all, that will be one of the games that you guys are most interested in!  (I'm not guaranteeing that it will be the top one - I want some randomness in there to encourage you to enter to win your favorite option, and not just the game you think will get the most +1's.)  From there, I will randomly select one of the people that +1'ed that game, and they will be the winner!

Oh, and since I haven't told you yet, entries will be open for 3 weeks.  So, I will announce a winner sometime on October 25!

So, here's the rundown:
What is being given away?  One of the games that gets the most +1 votes
How do I enter?  Simply follow me on Google Plus, and +1 the game(s) you're interested in by selecting the link at the top of the corresponding review
When is it over?  October 25
Do I have to live in the US?  Nope!  I will, however, be ordering the winner the corresponding game from an online vendor, so if you are not in the US, I might need your help in determining how to get you a copy of the game.

Now.... get to +1'ing your favorite games!!


  1. how exciting a reason to go read a bunch of reviews to see if I have found a new game :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Great question! I will announce the winner via a post here. I will tag them in the post that is shared on Google+, and then I will send a private message to them on Google+ in order to get their contact info to send the game to.

    2. Sounds great! Some quality choices on the Google page! Fingers crossed for any of them!

  3. Great idea for getting people to look at reviews for good games! I hope I win!

  4. Congrats on the upcoming millionth!