Rise! Kickstarter Followup

So, some of you may remember the Rise! Review that I wrote a few months ago.  Well, while I was writing that review, I was playing a prototype version.  Now that I've received a full production copy, I figured I'd share some better photos and a bit what has changed!

Here are the main things I noticed:
  • I'm really impressed by how similar the game looks to the prototype that I received.  They referred to their prototype as a "professional prototype", and this helps me realize just how much pride they took in those protoypes!  The full version has better color (in the prototype "red" looked more like brown), but otherwise, the game looks almost exactly the same.
Faction Sticker

  • You can "paste on" a theme.  Specifically, there are six different "factions" that you have stickers for.  However, you will only be able to use your favorite four - one on each side of the red disks, and one on either side of the blue disks.  This, obviously, doesn't change the game at all, but it's a nice little touch.  The factions are Pirates, Knights, Aliens, Zombies, Wizards, and (of course) Ninjas.

  • Ballistic Expansion

  • It comes with the "Ballistic Expansion."  This expansion provides you with a few extra pieces that seem overpowered.  I haven't actually tried them out yet, but I'd recommend playing the basic game a few times before trying these pieces - then play with or without them, however you most enjoy the game!

  • And, again, if you're not familiar with Rise, I'd recommend you checking out my full Rise! review.

    I would like to thank Crash Games for providing me with a review copy of Rise!

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