RIP Hurley's Heroes Giveaway #2

As many of you who have followed my blog for a while are aware, one of the game stores in Joplin that I frequented has decided to stop selling games. Because of this, and the fact that I enjoyed their store, I made a deal with them to buy their remaining stock. Why? Well, first off because I wanted to support them. Secondly, because I wanted to use them for giveaway prizes - you know, as a vain attempt to increase my stats. Therefore, this giveaway could also be called...

The quest for 1,000!

Here's how it works: I think it would be really cool to have 1,000 Twitter and 1,000 Facebook followers. Because of this, I am going to bribe you to follow me! (I prefer that you continue following me after the giveaway - I'll tell you about cool reviews and such, but if you don't want to, I understand).

The details

At 500, 750, and 1,000 followers for each site, I will give away one game. I will run the contest until I either reach 1,000 for each site, or until November 18, whichever comes first. And, so that nobody feel cheated, I will give away a game on November 18 to a follower on each site if that site hasn't yet received 1,000 followers. That means, regardless of if I lose followers or gain followers, I will give at least one game away to my followers on each site. But, if we get to 1,000 on each site, I will give away six games for free!

What games can you choose from? Here's the list:
Dominion: Intrigue
Vegas Showdown
Castle Ravenloft
Resident Evil Deck building Game
Resident Evil: Alliance
Back to the Future: Card Game

Who's eligible? Anyone. You can live in or out of the United States (though I'm cheap and prefer that someone inside the U.S. wins - I won't stack it, though). You can know me personally, work for a game store, game publisher, etc.

How will you be notified? I will post the winner at the very least on the site where that winner is following me. I will probably also post it as a comment on this post.  I will try several times to make contact with the winner, but if after what I consider to be a reasonable effort I can't get ahold of them, I will pick a new winner!

Remember - the more people that enter, the more games I give away. This means that (though you don't have to - in fact, you can follow me on Twitter for an entry without even sharing it with your friends), the more friends that you tell, the better your odds are that you or one of your friends gets a game!

Questions?  Feel free to post them here, or to email me. Thanks, and good luck!


  1. Awesome!!! I've been following on FB for a while, but I just started on Twitter.

  2. Already following on both. Am I automatically entered?

  3. You sure are! Thanks for following!

  4. Will Hurley's only sell comics from now on?

  5. Yes, my understanding is that they have refocused to subscription comic services, though Jason is also working on writing comics. They are (he is) now located in the US Bank building in downtown Joplin, and are maintaining a selection of Warhammer.

  6. What about google+ people!? I don't like facebook one bit but there is quite a gameboard following on google+ and I've already +1's this article!

  7. Well, I don't do Twitter, but I went to your Facebook and clicked on the page's 'Like.' Is that the same as 'follows?'

  8. @Jason - yep, that's the same

    @Ryan - I've got a Google+ account, but haven't really used it yet. If/when I start using it more, I might have a contest just for you guys on Google+

  9. Congratulations to Fireside Games, our first winner! They were picked after reaching 500 Twitter followers, and they have selected Castle Ravenloft.

  10. I've been following you on Twitter forever Josh! Does longevity increase my chances?!?!?

  11. Actually - yes! (Kinda.) Since you already follow me, you wind up being in up to three of the drawings! Unfortunately, you didn't win the first one. ; )

  12. Congrats to our winners. Our 500 followers Twitter winner was @FrtileGrndGames, and our 11/18 winners were Twitter follower @GameReviewGuy and Facebook follower Drake MacDugal.