RIP Hurley's Heroes Giveaway #1

It is with a saddened heart that I bring you this giveaway.  One of my two favorite stores in Joplin, Hurley's Heroes, has decided to close it's doors.  (Officially, it is not closing, it is actually doing a major downsizing, but along with that, it will be getting rid of all of it's games and gaming area, and will be focusing on subscription comic services).  Since I have spent a lot of time at the Hurleys' store over the past year or two (and since the insurance settlement on my home has given me a bit of extra money), as a going away present to them, I offered to purchase all of their remaining board games to try to help alleviate some of the financial obligations related to closing the store.  Because of this - I have lots of games to give away!

And… what's the point of a giveaway?  To improve my stats, of course!  The main two stats that I have noticed have been lagging are my Facebook stats and my Blog Followers.  Therefore - these are two ways of getting an entry into the giveaway.  Simple enough?  You can find how to do both of these on the right-hand side of the screen.  But what if you're already a follower of my blog or a fan on Facebook?  That's ok - you're entered already!  When I create the final list of entries, I will add everyone from Facebook and all of my blog followers.

How else can I enter the giveaway?  Well - another way that I'm looking to improve my stats is by getting more links to my site.  Therefore, if you also have a site, whether that would be a blog (board game related or otherwise), review site, designer's page, or anything else; you can get another entry.  In fact, let's make this one a double entry.  Simply add a link to my homepage ( and add a comment at the bottom of this post with a link back to where I can see your link to my site.  Win, win - I get a link to my site, and you do as well, thus helping to improve both of our rankings with Google!  The only stipulation is that you not add links from any pornographic or other questionable site.  If your link is from there, I will remove your comment and not add your entries.

But, how long do I have?  Well, I plan to announce the winner on Thursday morning, September 1, 2011.

What can I win?  Yeah, I thought you might ask.  You can win your choice of any one of the following games (in the shrink):

Puerto Rico
Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)
Dominion: Intrigue
Vegas Showdown
Castle Ravenloft
Zombies!!! 4: The End…
Back to the Future: The Card Game
Resident Evil Deckbuilding Game
Resident Evil Alliance Deckbuilding Game

But, I'm not in the United States!  Am I eligible to enter?  Well, the short answer is yes.  The long answer is, I'm secretly hoping that you don't win, but you should definitely enter, and I won't actually do anything to stack the odds against you - I'm simply cheap and a bit lazy, so I'd prefer not to fill out the paperwork (ahem, ask my wife to fill out the paperwork) to ship internationally.

As a reminder, you can enter by liking the Facebook site, being a blog followers, and adding links back to my site (these count twice, but only if you comment to let me know about them).  And, what's more - if I get 300 entries or more, I will pick two winners!!!  Now, I would ask that you not enter this giveaway unless you actually do like the site enough to want updates and/or feel comfortable leaving up the links to my site.  Of course, this is not something that I can police so, either way, you can enter - I'm just sharing my preference.

Any questions?  Anything I forgot to mention?  Feel free to ask by emailing me or by adding a comment.


  1. Of course i have a link to your site on my site:

    I don't see how I nc follow the blog, other than on Facebook & Twitter. Do you have a subscription service to sign up for?

  2. It is the "Followers" widget, which is directly under the "Random Thought" widget. It is buried on the right-hand side of the screen (which is probably why there are not too many followers).

  3. I have a link to you on my blog:

  4. Josh, I'm hurt that you don't want me winning your giveaway! Just because shipping to India is around 6X's the cost of the continental U.S. does not give you the right to throw your angry wishes my way.

    In fact, to make you pay, I'm opening at least fifty new blog sites and linking to yours. So what if I go insane trying to keep up with blog entry games and never have time to play the game I will surely win?

    It will be worth it sir. It.Will.Be.Worth.It

  5. Link is up on my blog here:

    Thanks for all the blogging!

  6. I read your blog regularly but get the feed through Google Reader. Not sure if that shows up as a subscription.

    Of course, I followed directly as well.

  7. @Lorenda - that's ok, I should ship you something at some point anyway. BTW: you have to play by the rules - you didn't post the link that you've linked to me from, so it doesn't count yet. ; )

  8. Been linked for quite a while at and facebook, I just added it to google reader as well.

    You can save shipping and hand deliver mine. No international postage charges.


  9. Now following on twitter (is that sufficient to count?)

  10. Nope, Twitter doesn't count. Mainly, because I'm going to just make a list of all of my (public) blog followers (I have no other way of knowing my RSS followers), Facebook fans and people that add links (twice), and then randomly pick a number to determine the winner. I have thought about doing a Twitter giveaway later, though!

  11. Linked to you on our Actual Play site. and also a follower (fan on Facebook - Sara Mouseketeer).

  12. Hey!

    So I just found out about your site through somebody on Twitter. I really love your stuff, and I'll definitely be using your site to find some new games for myself to play.

    I linked to you on my Tumblr:

    On my blog:

    And on my Twitter:!/TenFoxProducts

    As well as a like on Facebook. Hope that this helps us both get some new people to check us out!


  13. I added you to my blog here:

    Also, added your blog as a follower.

    Thanks for all the informative reviews.


  14. Hey Josh, Ive been reading your reviews for some time now. Its really good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. This is Sarah (John T's girlfriend). I do like you on Facebook however, the Followers widget on your website is currently broken. Also, I can't log in as a google user. :(

  16. Hmmm... unfortunately, I don't know how to fix that (and it's working for me). However, I believe that "Cotton" is following me, so you're still entered that way.

  17. Hi Josh, a tweet from Dave (Livin The Dream) Banks from Geek Dad spurred me on to check out your blog, which I must say is bloody awesome. Just the right amount of fact interlaced with comedy. Good job.

    I have added a link to your site from my own personal site in the vain hope that I might win Talisman. I had the 1st edition with all bolt-ons when I was younger and bar possibly Adaptus Titanicus it was my favourite board / tabletop game. Would love to play it with my 4 year old son :)

    All the best

    Malcolm Slade

  18. Brand new GFC and FB follower here! I found you by searching for game giveaways, but I would have followed you even if you weren't having this super awesome giveaway because I have been looking for some gaming blogs.

  19. Thanks for the reviews and the contest. Check out Go Forth And Game at

  20. Ran across your site after seeing a couple of my friends liked you on Facebook. I already have the three games on the list that I'm interested in playing, though, so don't bother to enter me in the contest :-)

    Since I started writing more for my own boardgame review site - - I figured I should take a look at how other people are doing it :-)

  21. I've got you at the top of my "Favorite Links" list on my blog, Man OverBoard, at Hey, you've got some thoughtful reviews here; I like your stuff. I hope you'll drop by Man OverBoard from time to time. I'd like to get your thoughts on what you find there.

  22. @William - feel free to link to me anyway. ; )


  24. I hadn't seen your blog before seeing the notice of the giveaway in the Purple Pawn, but I've added you to my RSS reader - you've great reviews. Thanks!

  25. Now following. You have some good stuff here.

  26. I just find out about your blog (through BGG). I'll be following your reviews even if chances are you'll be shipping this to India! :D

  27. Just add your blog here:
    Add your twitter and like your FB page.

  28. already following... keep it up! :)

  29. Ive had a link to you for quite a while my friend.

  30. Follow on Facebook and Twitter, and also on Google Friend Connect.

  31. I linked to you on my blog at

    Thanks! :D


    You have been added. Keep up the good work.

  33. Haven't seen this blog before, so you got my attention at least :)
    I like the idea of giving away games, it's like the sharing of books. When you tired of it, give it to someone so more people can enjoy it, regardless of item/type.

    Adding you to my rss reader, so you're in there together with dicetower and drakkenstrike now.
    Also did a g+ like for ya.

    Hope the ones that win the games really appreciate the games and are not in it for the free stuff.

    Cheers mate

  34. I added you to my Google Reader subscription.

    I also put a link to your site on my blog, Storied Adventures (

    I don't use Facebook. Are you on Google+?

  35. Yes, I am on Google+, but I haven't really decided if I like it. For now I rarely check it, but I might get over myself and use it more in the semi-near future.

  36. ou have been added. Keep up the good work.