Zombie Dice Review

Zombie Dice is a quick easy zombie game

Next up: Zombie Dice.

In Zombie Dice the players take turns rolling dice, three at a time, attempting to get brains and not shotgun blasts until they decide to pass their turn. There are 13 dice total - 6 green (with 3 brains, 2 footsteps (a re-roll), and 1 shotgun blast), 4 yellow (2 brains, 2 footsteps, 2 shotgun blasts) and 3 red (1 brain, 2 footsteps, 3 shotgun blasts). If a player gets 3 shotgun blasts on his turn, he gets no points. Otherwise, he gets a number of points equal to the number of brains he has rolled when he ends his turn. Whoever scores 13 brains first wins (yes, I did essentially describe Farkle if you were wondering).

How do I write a pros and cons section for a game with this level of deep strategy? I have no idea, so the next bit of this review will probably look very much like rambling (yes, it may even be rambling). In fact, I'm thinking about describing things like TV shows I watched or things you should buy on Amazon just to fill this review out and make it look lengthier (and as a side note, if you want to buy a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii or anything else on Amazon through my links, it'd be appreciated. You don't even have to buy stuff that I link to, you can click on the links and then if you realize something else that you want to buy while you're on Amazon, that works too.)

Anyway, now to actually evaluate the game. Zombie Dice is really simple, in case you hadn't noticed this yet. It has some level of fun, but if it were me, I'd just assume play Farkle. After all, Farkle even has more depth than Zombie Dice does. That's about all I can say about Zombie Dice before running out of material.

Overall, I give Zombie Dice a 6.5/10. This was honestly one of the hardest ratings for me to come up with. I try to keep in mind the purpose of a game when giving it a rating, and that is why this number is so high. If it were on a scale of depth or strategy, obviously this number would be significantly lower. However, Zombie Dice was created as a simple way of throwing dice and having a Zombie theme. Do you like throwing dice? Do you like games at least loosely based on Zombies? Do you like to kill 5 minutes occasionally while shaking a really noisy tube? Then you'll like Zombie Dice. Do you not like these things? Then you'd probably be ok not playing it.


  1. I bought this as I am about to be a bridesmaid in a Zombie wedding in Las Vegas.

    I figured it might be fun to play hanging out with the bride and bridesmaids in odd moments.

    It has a little strategy: if you have to reroll red dice, odds are against you and it might be good to end your turn.

    This is a filler game, a quickie waiting for another group about to end Battleship Gallatica, etc. It is a quick and easy game at a party with multiple people.

    I took it to a pub with four other people (we played Wits and Wagers then, fun!) and after we played it and several other games, it was requested again, as it was quick, easy and fun, and very easy to play at a pub table.

    It's more fun to play if you say "Brraaaains!" when you roll them and pretend to shoot the person rolling when they get shotgun blasts.

    It's fun as it has zombie graphics and colors. However, you CAN play farkle with any normal dice laying around. . .

    I'm still glad I bought it, I will take it to Vegas and will schlep it along to gaming nights for the brain break.

  2. I agree with the previous poster. It's a great filler while on break at work and easy enough for anyone to get involved. Really quite fun with a larger group of people but most suprising of all is how addicting it actually is. Just as you're about to cast it off as a has-been, you're itching at the chance to play again, seeing if you can out score your opponents.