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Need to get in touch with us for some reason?  Well - that's easy enough.  If you have a game that you're looking to get reviewed, you can email Jim, or (the currently less responsive) Josh.  However, before doing this, please be aware of our notes (mainly the first one).

Here are a few things you might need to know:
  • In my (Josh's) opinion, there are two types of review games - ones I request, and ones that you request.  If I request a title, then I feel that I have an obligation to review your game.  If you request to send me a game, then you are welcome to do so, but I will only review it if it looks interesting.  Please be aware of that when you send it and/or request my shipping address.  Providing you with an address where you can ship a game does NOT guarantee that I will review your game!
  • Want to know what our favorites are about a given genre?  Have an idea for a "Top 10" list that you'd like us to put together?  Shoot us an email, and we might be able to take care of it!
  • Want to tell us all of your secrets about how to improve our SEO (for a nominal fee)?  Want to ask us if we'll advertise for your online gambling site?  Your message will probably be treated as spam - please don't bother.


  1. Josh,

    Great job with the blog and your reviews. Here are a few suggestions to give a quick overview and enhance the reviews:
    -Add a bullet with the game showing if it's card-based, miniatures, dice...etc.
    -Add one bullet to explain the style of game, for example if it's fantasy, sci-fi, war/strategy, etc.
    - Add a couple of bullets on each review to show the number of players for the game and estimated playing time.
    - With that, it may make it possible to search for games by either # of players or playing time or style.


  2. Hi, JT -

    I currently put labels on my reviews that include the overall score, publisher, name of the game, and sometimes things like a key mechanic (like push your luck, deck building, or dice rolling). Is this the kind of thing that you mean? Currently the only thing I'm using these labels for is the reviews by rating widget on the side of the screen, but if it were useful, I could think about how to let people see all of the labels.


    1. Hi Josh,

      That would be useful. For example, sometimes I am interested in either looking for single player games or for games with certain number of players, or perhaps by type of games such as miniatures, or card...etc. Also, it is interesting to know the length, time-wise, of an average game as this can also be useful when planning a game or a purchase. These items can be added as a "quick view" summary either on the top or bottom of your review and would be a great way to quickly get some basic information on the game. Something such as:
      - Name
      - Publisher
      - Type
      - Genre
      - No. of Players
      - Average Play Time

      And with those items above you may be able to place labels such as what you have for the ratings, but for those other specifications.

      I like how your website is set up and your scoring system, and these suggestions should make it even more user friendly and quicker to get the information that readers may be interested in.

      Hope these suggestions are useful.


    2. Thanks, JT. I know that at least a couple of the sites that I follow do something similar to what you're saying with the quick bullet list. I'll definitely think on your ideas, though I'm not sure if/when I'll start implementing them.


  3. Josh,

    You should review the Alea Treasure Chest sometime since you like several of the games included: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Notre Dame, Princes of Florence, Louis XIV, and In the Year of the Dragon. It has small expansions for all of these games.

    1. More specifically, I should PLAY with the Alea Treasure Chest. I actually bought it about 6 months ago or so, because I also realized that I had a lot of those games (and enjoyed them). Other than Louis XIV (which a friend has) and Witch's Brew (which I think is out of print), I have & enjoy (to varying degrees) all of the games that it expands.

      I should definitely be trying that thing out.....

  4. Hello! I have been frequenting your site for the last 6 months or so and I really enjoy your reviews. I do, however, have one suggestion/comment. At the end of all your reviews you rate each game. Currently, you are using your own rating curve noted at the bottom of the page, but I would challenge you to critique more. As a reader, I like to see variance in the ratings of a critic so that I make an opinion based on yours. I realize that most of the games you have reviewed are good, so the variance is lower than normal, but going forward, I'd like to see you strive for a variance of 2.0 (I wouldn't want you go back and edit any of your posts) on your final grades.

    Keep up the great work! I will continue to read faithfully!

    1. Hey, Matt -

      Thanks for the input! I think that I catch what you're saying. If so, I actually used to have more of a variance than I currently do. If you look at my "Reviews by Rating" widget, it will show that I have a decent number of reviews between 5-7.5, as well as the large number of them that hover around the 8-9 range.

      Ultimately, I think that having done this for a couple of years now, I've changed a couple of things. First, I've become much better at guessing which games I will like before I receive them (whether as a review copy, or a game that I buy or trade for). This is one of the reasons that you don't see as much variation in scores. Secondly, I've focused more on playing games that I like, and if I don't think I'll like a game, I won't bother playing it (or I won't play it enough to give it a review). I have started to do this to keep my sanity. If I kept playing games that I disliked, then I wouldn't be enjoying the hobby, and if I'm not enjoying the hobby, then this blog is way too much like work. But, specifically, like work that doesn't pay well.

      One example of this is that I recently tried the DC Deck Building Game. I was not impressed with the game. Chances are, if I played it a couple more times and took the time to review it, I would give it somewhere around a 6.0 (closer to the variance you're looking for). The game isn't broken, but I didn't think it was good. However, I don't own the game, so I would have to find a copy to borrow (or acquire a copy in some other way). Then I would also feel the need to play it a few more times to make sure it wasn't a "fluke." Then I'd have to spend some time reviewing it (which I wouldn't mind, because when I'm disappointed with a game, I can generally very quickly explain why).

      So, with all of that said, I think that you should be reassured that just because I've given a lot of good scores recently, doesn't mean that those scores don't have value. I really do enjoy all of those games, and I think that if you get a game that I've rated highly, then I think that you'll enjoy it (if we have similar tastes).

  5. Hello Josh,

    How do I submit instructions for a game that a friend and I are working on? I did not see an email address anywhere.

    1. Currently, there is a link in the first paragraph that directs to an email address where you can contact me.